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ForeignTeachers.com is a job/career site dedicated to finding jobs for teachers. The site is free for both job seekers and employers during this COVID 19 crisis we are going through , and we plan to keep it that way for 6 months while maintaining the possibility of only charging employers a reasonable fee for extra exposure.


Our Mission

Our goal at ForeignTeachers.com is to provide a valuable resource for foreign teachers and those looking to enter this specialized field of teaching and for institutions to find teaching talents worldwide with ease.


Giving Back

While we provide the services to foreign teachers free of charge, we also try our best to help any way we can.


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Looking for extra information?

ForeignTeachers.com trys to update teachers with the latest information in education technology, job seeking advice, teaching pedagogy, etc at the sharing section.


Pricing Packages

It's free for job seekers and employers for 6 months during the COVID 19 crisis.


Free Package 1

  • Validity: 120 Days
  • Candidates Search: 20
  • 20 Spotlight Jobs
  • 3 Feature Jobs
  • 20 Urgent Jobs
  • 5 Private Jobs
  • 20 Stared Jobs


Free Package 2

  • Validity: 180 Days
  • 3 Spotlight Jobs
  • 1 Feature Jobs
  • 30 Urgent Jobs
  • 2 Private Jobs
  • 10 Stared Jobs


Free Package 3

  • Validity: 180 Days
  • 15 Spotlight Jobs
  • 2 Feature Jobs
  • 40 Urgent Jobs
  • 5 Private Jobs
  • 20 Stared Jobs